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Substance identifiers:

  1. methanol
    • CH4O
    • colonial spirit
    • columbian spirit
    • hydroxymethane
    • methyl hydroxide
    • monohydroxymethane
    • methyl alcohol
    • wood naphtha
    • carbinol
    • wood spirit
    • wood alcohol
    • 67-56-1
  2. 1-propanol
    • C3H8O
    • 1-hydroxypropane
    • pro-gas (gas disclaimed)
    • propylowy alkohol
    • alcool propilico
    • propanol
    • un 1274
    • n-propanol
    • alcool propylique
    • propanol-1
    • propan-1-ol
    • ethyl carbinol
    • propanole
    • 1-propyl alcohol
    • n-propan-1-ol
    • propanolen
    • prim.-propyl alcohol
    • n-propyl alkohol
    • propanoli
    • n-propyl alcohol
    • optal
    • propylan-propyl alcohol
    • propyl alcohol
    • osmosol extra
    • propylic alcohol
    • 71-23-8

Available physical property data:

PropertyPhaseNo. of tablesNo. of linesLink to data
activity coefficient120View
activity coefficient (infinite dilution)36View
critical pressure111View
critical temperature111View
dielectric constantL379View
dielectric constant at frequency of 0L4213View
diffusion coefficientL118View
enthalpy at infinite dilutionL11View
enthalpy of mixingL874View
enthalpy of solution, infinite dilutionL11View
heat capacity (cp, excess)L112View
isentropic compressibilityL220View
liquid-liquid equilibrium112View
no azeotrope under specified conditions1424View
refractive index, Na-D-lineL236View
sound velocityL7139View
specific volume, infinite dilutionL11View
surface tensionL218View
thermal conductivityL1200View
total complex permittivity, imaginary partL149View
total complex permittivity, real partL149View
vapor-liquid equilibrium795View
vapor-liquid equilibrium, isobaric11212View
vapor-liquid equilibrium, isothermal4126View
viscosity, dynamicL7104View
viscosity, kinematicL8194View
volume of mixingL9225View
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