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Substance identifiers:

  1. water (CAS RN: 7732-18-5)
    • H2O
    • hydrogen oxide
    • dihydrogen oxide
    • ice
    • refrigerant 718

Available physical property data:

PropertyPhaseNo. of tablesNo. of linesLink to data
2nd virial coefficientG1790View
3rd virial coefficientG344View
acentric factor Omega88View
boiling temperature2679View
complex permittivity, imaginary partL1765View
complex permittivity, real partL23115View
compressibility factorL548View
compressibility factorG219View
critical compressibility factor99View
critical density1111View
critical pressure6363View
critical temperature7677View
critical volume3636View
cubic expansion coefficientL743View
dielectric constantL2972482View
dielectric constantS4118View
dielectric constant128View
dielectric constantG6105View
diffusion coefficientG451View
diffusion coefficientL34235View
dipole moment33View
dissociation constant113View
enthalpy function (-H(298))G162View
enthalpy of formationG11111View
enthalpy of formationL66View
enthalpy of formationS11View
enthalpy of fusionS11View
enthalpy of fusion1719View
enthalpy of phase transition11View
enthalpy of sublimation11View
enthalpy of vaporization77672View
entropy of fusion33View
equilibrium constant of formationG3113View
free energy function (-E(298))G162View
free energy of formationG162View
free enthalpyL11View
free enthalpy function (-H(0))G4160View
free enthalpy of formationG55View
free enthalpy of formationL33View
fusion pressure22345View
fusion temperature92418View
heat capacity665View
heat capacityG49View
heat capacityL217View
heat capacity (cp)271View
heat capacity (cp)G311599View
heat capacity (cp)L1592207View
heat capacity (cp)S15508View
heat capacity (cv)6347View
heat capacity (cv)G242324View
heat capacity (cv)L14547View
heat capacity ratio11View
ionic conductanceL11View
isentropic compressibilityL1118View
isothermal compressibilityL16830View
isothermal compressibility factorG155View
linear expansion coefficientL24View
melting point1212View
molar polarizationL11View
molecular weight55View
normal boiling point2626View
octanol/water partition coefficient33View
phase transition pressure9113View
pressure of sublimation15332View
refractive index, Na-D-line11View
refractive index, Na-D-lineL51148View
solution conductanceL3079View
solvent distance parameter11View
sound velocityG227View
sound velocityL4153579View
sound velocityS11View
specific conductivityL1041View
sublimation temperature14326View
surface tensionL3151817View
temperature of phase transition15119View
thermal conductivity71194View
thermal conductivityG663274View
thermal conductivityL2034154View
thermal conductivityS11View
thermal expansivity23View
thermal expansivityL1126View
total complex permittivity, imaginary partL31568View
total complex permittivity, real partL30568View
triple point11View
triple point pressure1212View
triple point temperature1111View
UNIQUAC area parameter11View
UNIQUAC volume parameter11View
vapor pressure8636459View
viscosity, dynamic31161View
viscosity, dynamicG532556View
viscosity, dynamicL8446024View
viscosity, kinematicG4284View
viscosity, kinematicL69783View
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