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Substance identifiers:

  1. 1-butanamine (CAS RN: 109-73-9)
    • C4H11N
    • 1-aminobutane
    • monobutylamine
    • mono-n-butylamine
    • butylamine
    • n-butylamine
    • α-aminobutane
    • 1-butylamine

Available physical property data:

PropertyPhaseNo. of tablesNo. of linesLink to data
acentric factor Omega66View
boiling temperature88View
critical compressibility factor33View
critical density11View
critical pressure1515View
critical temperature1515View
critical volume44View
cubic expansion coefficientL39View
dielectric constantL1328View
dipole moment11View
enthalpy of combustion11View
enthalpy of combustionL11View
enthalpy of formationG746View
enthalpy of formationL55View
enthalpy of fusion11View
enthalpy of sublimation11View
enthalpy of vaporization1429View
equilibrium constant of formationG140View
flash point11View
free enthalpy function (-H(0))G119View
free enthalpy of formationG22View
fusion temperature33View
gross calorific valueG11View
gross calorific valueL22View
heat capacity (cp)G461View
heat capacity (cp)L414View
isentropic compressibilityL512View
isothermal compressibilityL318View
melting point1010View
molecular weight33View
net calorific valueG11View
net calorific valueL11View
normal boiling point88View
octanol/water partition coefficient66View
refractive index, Na-D-line11View
refractive index, Na-D-lineL1117View
solution conductanceL25View
sound velocityL3492View
sublimation temperature11View
surface tensionL725View
thermal conductivityG22View
thermal conductivityL315View
thermal expansivity11View
UNIQUAC area parameter11View
UNIQUAC volume parameter11View
vapor pressure55174View
viscosity, dynamicG11View
viscosity, dynamicL64198View
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