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Dortmunder Datenbank
(Prof Gmehling,
University of Oldenburg)
Phase equilibrium data
  • Vapor-Liquid-Equilibria
  • Liquid-Liquid-Equilibria
  • Gas-Liquid-Equilibria
  • Activity coefficients at infinite dilution
  • Gas solubilities
  • Solid-Liquid-Equilibria
  • Azeotropic data
  • Excess properties
    • Excess enthalpies
    • Excess heat capacities
    • Excess volume
    Pure component properties
    • Transport properties
    • Vapor pressures
    • Critical data
    • Melting points
    • Densities
    • Caloric properties
    • Others
    Electrolyte data collection
    (LS Chemie IV, Prof. Barthels,
    University of Regensburg)
    Caloric Data
    Electrochemical Properties
    Phase Equlibrium Data
    PVT Properties
    Transport Properties
    Thermophysical database
    (FIZ Chemie)
    Transport properties
    Surface properties
    Caloric properties
    Phase equlibrium data
    • Vapor-Liquid-Equilibria
    • Gas-Liquid-Equlibria
    • Liquid-Liquid-Equilibria
    • Solid-Liquid-Equilibria
    Pure Substance basic data
    Thermophysical Parameter database
    (Leuna GmbH, FIZ Chemie)
    Phase equilibria
    Excess Enthalpies
    Transport and surface properties
    Caloric and acoustic data
    Data Collection
    (Institut for Chemical Technic, Prag)
    20 physico-chemical properties for 593 pure substances
    Basic Database Böhlen
    (Sächsische Olefinwerke AG Böhlen,
    now DOW Chemical)
    Chemical and physical basic data for 1126 pure substances
    (mainly of the fields of petroleum and coal chemistry)
    Other (DECHEMA e.V.) Vapor Pressures
    Transport Properties
    Thermal Conductivities
    Caloric Properties
    Critical Data
    Eutectical Data
    Diffusion Coefficients
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