a) Account maintenance

We do not charge any fee for creating and maintaing an user account. Also searching the database and viewing previews of the results are free of charge.

b) Downloading data

When searching, the prices of the data table are displayed together with the search result (see column "prices for tables" below). When you select one or more items for download, the sum of all download is displayed on the top right (see box "Price of selection" below). The displayed prices may include VAT, depending on the country you reside. Users from outside the European Union (EU) do not pay VAT at all. If you login to your account, the valid prices for your country will be displayed.

Price sample

In general each data set is priced according to the number of lines a data table includes. We differ 5 categories. The prices for the categories are (without VAT):

No. of lines € Euro *
1 12
2 - 5 25
6 - 19 50
20 - 39 80
40 + 120
*All prices without VAT