Privacy Policy


The DECHEMA makes its best effort to keep the contents of customer's online searches confidential at all time. However, the DECHEMA may disclose details to its database suppliers, if this is necessary to do so in order to resolve problems or to provide dedicated database services.


DECHEMA does not generate profiles of search activities or similar - neither individual (based on your account or IP) nor aggregated.


To ensure functionalty and also security parts of your activities are logged upon the webserver. These logs are cycled quarterly (with invoicing) and are deleted at the latest one year after a quarter closes - that means the logs of the actual quarter and of the 4 last quarters are maintained.


In accordance with article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union users are herewith informed that DECHEMA stores and processes customers' data in machine-readable form for internal purposes related to the fulfillment of its obligations to its customers according to the contracts it maintains with these customers. This information is treated as confidential at all times and will not be passed on to third parties, except mentioned above.

You also have the right to withdraw your consent on data processing at any time.

The complete details on the data processing and your rights are published separately as part of DECHEMA's General Privacy Policy.


This website requires session cookies for its technical functionality. These so called session cookies are used to track your activities within your webserver. This is required since normal webpages do not have something like memory (they are stateless). Therefore a session is created on our webserver storing your activities (your selection of dataset, your search, etc.). These session is connected to the session cookie stored on your device.

A session cookie has only a lifetime for the period of your user session. Normally your webbrowser will delete this cookie, when your are closing your browser. Session cookies are GDPR compliant without obtaining consent from the user.