Help for the mixture page

  1. Identify your components

    • Enter the names or CAR-Numbers of all mixture components one after the other within the search field. Finalize each enty by pressing return. If a component is found, it will be listed below as current mixture.
    • Optionally you can search with wildcards or sum formulas. In such a case a list of possible substances will be presented. Choose an item of the list by clicking its name.
    • Preview images for the substances molecular structure will be displayed. To view such an image in detail, click on the image. To close an zoomed image, click outside the image or click the close button.
    • You can delete items of the substance list by clicking the delete icon.
    • You can delete the whole list by using the Clear button below the mixture

  2. Search for data, after the components have been defined

    • If you want to indicate further conditions to your search, e.g. property, phase, temperature(s), etc. continue with Next.
    • If you simply want to view all possible data for your mixture, continue with Direct search.
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